About MOM

The association of mothers with food is eternal. Just the fragrance of a mom-made meal is enough to fill our hearts and minds with an indomitable energy, let alone our tummies. No doubt our stomach is a slave to food that is weaved with love and there can’t be anything more satisfying than a platter cooked & served by our dearest mothers.

But modern times are brutal. More evolved work cultures demand a mandatory separation from our mothers and hence reveling in the delight of our Mom’s fragrant Biriyani or that gorgeous Chicken Kasha or that ghee-dipped Aloo Paratha or even that quaint Sattu concoction becomes a distant dream. All we have at our disposal is a trail of fond memories to cherish and a bunch of delicious stories to share. Each one of us, who stays mikes away from his mother, thrives amidst hunger doldrums craving for one single fulfilling meal that can compensate for all the dissatisfaction of our existence.

But there is a beam of light, a ray of hope called MOM. We at MOM understand the magnitude of food struggle people have to go through every single day and therefore aim at bringing to your doorsteps the warmth and health of a mom-cooked meal.

We are providing a platform to mom’s across this region to gather their emotions and work towards the cause of feeding the children around. Many of them have come together under the umbrella of MOM to accept food orders, prepare them in the beauty of their own kitchen, hand them over to a carrier who would finally deliver the love-wrapped food carton to a craving child.

This project is developed with a solid purpose of empowering those numerous women out there who have been seething in the boundaries of their kitchen since times immemorial just to feed their families & find them happy & contented.

But sadly the job of cooking has stayed quite underrated in a typical Indian society.

MOM breaks the rule. MOM brings a shift.

MOM promises that cooking won’t be thankless anymore. Every mother who cooks, yearns to make a living out of her culinary craft and looks forward to serving many pining hearts of hungry kids can join our team and witness the age old dream come true.

Our Experience MOM CHEFs

Geeta Patnaik

Chef Master

Mamta Singh

Chef Master

Esrat Jahan

Chef Master